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Adopt a Pet: Dale

Name:   Dale
Breed:   Guinea pig
Color:   Black and White
Age:   1 1/2 years old
Sex:   Male

Meet Dale the Guinea pig! He is very friendly and likes to explore his surroundings. He actually came in with another Guinea pig so he may enjoy a companion.

Guinea pigs make great pets. They are super social and like to be in the middle of things. They can make a wonderful first pet for kids especially since they are sturdy, can live between 4-6 years and don't bite.

They have healthy appetites and enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. They do have a sweet tooth though so keep away from those sugary yogurt snacks that are made for Guinea pigs. Dale will make the cutest sounds when offered food too.

Guinea pigs cannot create their own vitamin C so you do need to supplement their diet. For example, a piece of orange a couple of days a week. Also, don't forget to keep their cage nice and clean.