Police Release Video, Audio from Officer Involved Shooting in East Sacramento

EAST SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Police Department has released body camera footage and audio from an incident in February that lead to a suspect shooting an officer's gun near Mercy General Hospital in East Sacramento.

911 Calls Regarding Man with a Knife

Around 11 a.m. Thursday, February 11, authorities began receiving multiple calls about a man seen walking around with a knife in the area of J Street and Elvas Avenue.

The suspect, 33-year-old Juan Heras-Castro, was eventually detained near Elvas Avenue and 63rd Street.

Officers say once Castro was detained he was calm and cooperative so he was released from the handcuffs. The officers believed he was having a mental crisis so he was taken to Mercy General for evaluation.

The officer's body camera shows Castro suddenly running out of the hospital as medical staff attempted to conduct their evaluation.

He ran through the parking lot and into a nearby neighborhood.

The officer chased Castro and caught up to him in the area of 39th and H Street.

Castro then became physical with the officer and during the struggle was able to wrestle the officer's gun from his holster.

On the officer's body camera footage, the suspect can be heard saying "We are going to kill ourselves..." and "Kill me..." in Spanish.

While the officer tried to regain control of his weapon, the suspect was able to fire the gun three times. The officer was not injured.

At this time, authorities began receiving calls about the altercation.

An off-duty firefighter in the area was able to assist the officer in regaining control of the gun and detaining Castro.

911 Calls Regarding Shots Fired in the Area

The Sacramento Police Department released seven audio files and one body camera video.

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