Vallejo Fire Department Short-Staffed, Firefighters Fatigued

VALLEJO — A decrease in staff as well as increases in greater alarm fires are forcing Vallejo firefighters into mandatory overtime; nearing 100 hours on duty.

Due to outstanding contract issues, the fire department’s ability to hire more personnel to adequately serve Vallejo’s communities has been hindered. However, fires must still be fought.

Just before 5 a.m. Sunday, these exhausted firefighters responded to a three-alarm fire at a commercial building located at 110 Corporate Place.

“Nearly half of the Vallejo firefighters that responded to this call were working mandatory overtime caused by a growing staffing shortage,” said a spokesperson for the department.

“Alarms” refer to the severity of a fire and the resources a fire department will use to fight it. The Vallejo fire department needed extra help to fight this blaze.

“This fire required the response of every fire department resource within the city of Vallejo as well as mutual aid from all neighboring cities,” the spokesperson said.

The Vallejo Fire Departments reports that no one was hurt but, “the building is a total loss.”

Just a few hundred feet away from the fire at Corporate Place is the Vallejo Fire Department Training Grounds. Currently, there are three new recruits that are only one week into training but there are still nine positions unfilled.