Community Pushes for Safety Changes at Intersection after Girl’s Death

STOCKTON -- After she was hit and killed by a car at the intersection of Carolyn Weston and Ishi Goto, Brianna Moua's family is petitioning for a four-way traffic signal.

Nearly a week after 10-year-old Brianna was killed, a growing roadside memorial remains -- with homemade "Slow Down" signs.

“She’s the one that’s always my helper, always the one that does everything for me," said Brianna's mother, Debbie Cha.

"I hope they do something with this intersection, really," neighbor Natividad Cruz said. Cruz added that drivers often speed in the area.

Brianna's family has started an online petition pleading the city to do something.

“I think that this has been going on, it’s just that this happened to a child at a crossing that’s meant for pedestrians to cross," Cha said.

Councilman Jesus Andrade says he feels for Brianna's family and is working on new safety measures.

"My commitment is to push the city to move sooner than later," Andrade said. "These things do take time but, again, that’s my commitment and my commitment to the family."

Andrade says the city recently received a million-dollar grant that will go toward improving nine intersections in the Weston Ranch neighborhood -- including the one where Brianna was killed.

Her family hopes that happens soon.

"It's wonderful," Cha told FOX40. "At least the city recognizes that it needs to be done."