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Man Vandalizes Car and Fire Station, Hits Officer in Misdirected Act of Revenge

AUBURN -- Walking up to her car with a smashed windshield, a range of emotions ran through one Sacramento woman Saturday evening after Auburn Police say a man mistook her car for his ex-girlfriend's and vandalized it out of spite.

The owner of the now-damaged Toyota Yaris didn't want her face or name used, but as she spoke to FOX40 by phone she tried to maintain her sense of humor.

"I had seen the police officers and I was like, 'Wow, something went down.' And then, 'Oh, the thing that went down is on my car. Great,'" she said.

As bad as the damage was, investigators say it got worse.

Nineteen-year-old Bailey Orbea fought with some passersby, who tried to stop him from wrecking the car while it was parked on Sacramento Street.

Then he reportedly took some of what officers say was his drunken and high anger out on nearby Auburn Fire Station Number Two.

In four years of volunteering and a year on the job, firefighter Shelby Davis has seen a lot. But when it comes to what she thought of Orbea Saturday as her squad waited for police to arrive was hard to describe.

"This is just not an every day... you know just a different kind of situation," Davis said.

Auburn Police Sgt. Bryan Morrison reports Orbea then refused to comply with an officer.

"The officer then went to make physical contact with him and as he made physical contact with him the subject turned and struck the officer in the shoulder," Morrison said.

Even after he swung at the officer, Morrison said "he continued to struggle." He was later arrested.

"I think people need to be aware of somebody that has these anger issues, that would actually feel that it's ok to go through with this action," the owner of the damaged car told FOX40. "Be aware and see that this person is hurting or they have this anger and address it."

As a result of the violent tendencies displayed in the episode that got him arrested, Auburn Police say Orbea's actual ex-girlfriend will be offered the chance to file an emergency protective order against him. They both live in Granite Bay.