‘Elsa’ Pushes Boston Police Vehicle Out of Snow Bank

BOSTON (WTIC) — Get your "Frozen" jokes ready.

Someone wearing an Elsa costume helped free a Boston Police van from snow piled up at the side of the street Tuesday night.

According to FOX40 sister station WTIC, the chilly act of heroism took place at The Gallows Bar on Washington Street in Boston as Tuesday’s Nor’easter wound down.

The video, posted by Christopher Haynes, shows a person dressed in the Disney princess' gown paired with a blond braid push the transport van for a minute or so until it is finally freed from its slushy prison.

People inside the bar can be heard cheering Elsa on.

One man steps up to help near the end of the ordeal but, obviously, Elsa didn't need a man to help save the day.

Once the truck is on its way, Elsa curtseys for the crowd in the bar.