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Recover From St. Patrick’s Day

Were you feeling a bit rough after St. Paddy's Day last year?  We have the perfect solution for your St. Paddy's Day hangover this year.  A recipe of TLC that's going to get you back to feeling like a million bucks.  We over services in Intravenous Therapy:  Our seasoned RNs will give you instant relief from your hangover with an IV designed to revive your dehydrated organs with fluids and electrolytes.  Self Myofascial Release: Say goodbye to the aches and pains as you release the knots and tension held in your body
after a long night of celebrating (maybe a little too hard).  Breathing Techniques: Relax your body and your mind as we guide you through techniques designed to calm your nervous system and leave you feeling like you're on cloud 9.

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