Second Incident Involving Sacramento County Deputy Investigated

ROSEVILLE -- There is now a second investigation into Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy Stephanie Angel.

FOX40 was first to bring you details on the investigation involving allegations of misconduct involving an elderly woman.

It was during the Sacramento County investigation in January, the department says, that another investigation unfolded.

"There were other allegations raised about potential inappropriate activity potential criminal that occurred in a neighboring county," Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said.

FOX40 has learned in February that an incident in Roseville involving Angel was forwarded to the Placer County District Attorney's Office.

"The two are not related. There's not a similar elderly victim, for example," Jones said. "It's a completely unrelated case."

While the Roseville Police Department wouldn't comment, Placer County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Wilson sent a statement to FOX40:

"Our office has received a case from Roseville Police Department regarding Ms. Angel. The case is currently under review by our office. We will let you know if and when charges are filed."

"I don't know what the timeline is from the DA's office in either county to review it, but that's going to be the next step to find out if, in fact, they're going to prosecute for the criminal side," Jones said.

The Sacramento County District Attorney's office is currently reviewing the other criminal investigation into Angel involving an elderly North Highlands woman named Rosalie.

In a statement, the DA's office says, "This matter is currently still under investigation and as such, we cannot comment further."

While the separate investigations continue, FOX40 stopped by Rosalie's neighborhood to hear from those who looked after her.

"I'm just glad she's home safe and that everybody got the information to find where she went," neighbor Nyairee Fitzpatrick said.

But Fitzpatrick says she wishes she did something before it got this far.

"I feel like we should've stepped in more and pushed for, 'Oh, where are you taking her?'" Fitzpatrick said. "I think that could've stopped something more."