District Cuts Ties with Yuba City High School Basketball Coach Parents Say was ‘Aggressive’

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YUBA CITY -- When the Honkers hit the hard court next season - they'll be doing it with a different coach.

The district has cut ties with its decorated Yuba City High School boys varsity coach Mamo Rafiq, who once led the Afghan National Basketball Team and has run the 1440 Basketball Academy in Yuba City for years.

On Friday, a letter was sent to families affiliated with the 1440 Academy and Home Court, the facility where it operated. It says that Rafiq and his wife are no longer with the program in "any functional capacity and will no longer represent it."

When asked for his side of all this, Rafiq would only respond to FOX40 via email saying the 1440 situation involved a private business dispute.

Despite a long list of accomplishments to Rafiq's credit, some parents say this move is long overdue after repeated complaints to the district about his behavior being too aggressive.

"He was bullying and intimidating to my son, and he used a lot of foul language," one father said.

That father was only willing to speak to FOX40 by phone and didn't want his name used for fear of backlash over calling out the mistreatment he says his son endured.

"Most kids use sports as an outlet to get through things that go on in their life through the day, and that was no outlet," the father said. "That was like going into the tunnels of hell, so to speak."

District leaders would not confirm or deny anything about complaints submitted about Rafiq, only that it decided to make a change in coaching for the boys basketball team.

FOX40 reached Rafiq over the phone Thursday. He would not comment on the parents' complaints.

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