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Firefighter Intern Hopeful in Recovering Stolen Gear

ISLETON -- Dalton Garcia still can’t believe what happened early Friday morning. $4,000 worth of equipment was stolen from his pick-up truck during the night at the Cambridge Apartments in Davis.

Garcia is an Isleton Fire Department student intern and volunteer. His equipment is the kit that firefighters wear on the job and includes protective clothing, a helmet, oxygen mask, boots and a medical bag. Most of those items are a custom fit.

“It just kills me,” said Garcia. “I can’t jump on any piece of apparatus without it because if a fire breaks out or there’s a car accident where I need it, I now can’t perform those job duties,” he said.

Internships are typically a year and a half long and a major step in getting hired on at the fire department. Garcia struggled to pay for his gear that all student-interns are required to have when getting their Firefighter 1 Certification at community college.

Davis police say, there have been close to half-dozen burglaries in Davis over the past week. Vehicles are a target, especially in apartment complexes where people park away from their windows and doors.

Lt. Paul Doroshov of the Davis Police Department said, “If it looks expensive, [thieves will] take it, so any kind of gear really is an attractive target.”

Garcia and his girlfriend are desperate to recoup their $4000 loss so they’ve created a GoFundMe page. They are halfway to his goal and say any excess funds will go to the Isleton Fire Department.

Garcia says once he gets new gear, “it’ll be taken out every night” and reloaded during his 24-hour shifts or his volunteer work. He is hoping though, that his custom equipment will be found abandoned somewhere once the thieves realize what they have.