Missing Marysville Nurse Found after Frantic Foothills Search

NEVADA COUNTY — After more than a week of frantic searching, Sheryl Donovan’s family has some relief.

Donovan’s family tells FOX40 that she has been found safe.

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NEVADA COUNTY -- The family of a missing Marysville woman are continuing a frantic search in the Sierra Foothills and beyond.

Sheryl Donovan is a home care nurse who was working at a client’s home on Tuesday in North San Juan when she went missing.

"We’re sort of at a loss for what's happened to her," said Donovan's brother, Paul Adkins.

It was Donovan’s first day with her new client. No one has seen her since she left that client's house around 6 p.m.

"She had responsibilities, a time schedule to keep to pick up her daughter and grandkids. So that’s out of the ordinary for her not to make that," Adkins said.

Family members say the weather was bad when she left and Friday was much the same.

Search and rescue teams spent the last three days looking along winding Highway 49, the route she would have taken back to Marysville. The search has centered around her gold colored 2000 Ford Explorer.

"Looking for any signs on the side of the road, debris moved, pine needles moved, any tire tracks going off the road. We did not see any," said Roger Adkins, another one of Donovan's brothers.

Donovan's car (Credit: Nevada County Sheriff's Office)

Family members said she was used to working with other clients in the foothills and actually drove the new route to and from her client’s house before she started working with the new client.

"We tried calling her. We have no information on her whereabouts," Paul Adkins said.

Some family members said after three days missing from her daughter and grandchildren, they are beginning to believe some foul play is involved, although the Nevada County Sheriff's Office has not indicated that that would be the case.

If you have seen her or her car, the sheriff’s office wants to know about it.