Kennedy Students Return to School after Two Scares in a Matter of Days

SACRAMENTO -- Teachers were comforting students Monday on their first day back at Kennedy High School after facing two scares over the last few days.

"Makes me not want to go to school because, you know, I want to be safe," said junior Gisela Hernandez.

Hernandez described the confusion on campus when they had to evacuate on Friday because of a bomb threat. "I was kind of scared because I didn't know what was going to happen."

Then on Sunday, Sacramento Police investigated another potential threat after a social media post showed a student holding a rifle magazine.

Investigators say the threat was not credible but they did track down the student who made the post. The 17-year-old was arrested along with 47-year-old Brent Craig. Both were arrested on suspicion of being in possession of an illegal firearm.

Parents and students were on edge as they returned to campus for the first day of the week.

"It's terrifying. It's absolutely terrifying," said parent Tammy Nava.

Nava kept her freshman daughter home from school last week when rumors about the threats started to surface.

"My kids are everything to me. I can't imagine my world... and the other parents that have lost their kids. No way, I mean, I just... I'm going to start crying," Nava told FOX40.

Sacramento Police were parked on campus to help students feel safe coming to school and the district had counselors on hand for anyone who needed to talk about the recent threats.

Some teachers said it's their responsibility to help make students feel safe on campus too.

"I think it's important for our students to acknowledge that we all feel a certain sense of fear and responsibility, and that this is all a community thing as well," said teacher David Phanthai.

The school administration held an assembly Monday morning to update parents and students about the recent incidents and make sure they feel in the loop. Meanwhile, police are asking anyone who hears a tip or report of a potential school threat to contact them as soon as possible.