Loved Ones Honor the Victims of the Yountville Veterans Home Shooting

YOUNTVILLE -- Veterans held American flags, their stars and stripes standing out through the treeline at the Veterans Home of Yountville, where Monday people gathered at a celebration of life for three women who were killed by a man they had treated.

Albert Wong had recently been kicked out of The Pathway Home program when he came back. He held Jennifer Golick, 42, Christine Loeber, 48, and Jennifer Gonzales Shushereba, 32, hostage and shot them along with himself.

Doreen Loew, who trained with Loeber and works in the VA health care system, said she was "brave" and "really smart."

“They were willing to spend their lives toiling in obscurity,” said Mike Gonzales, Gonzales Shushereba's father, to the crowd.

Gonzales spoke about his daughter, who he lost along with his unborn grandchild. He questioned who would choose to do such a thankless job.

“My thought is only the best of us do,” Gonzales said.

An answer backed by a round of applause in the overflowing Lincoln Theater.

“Something good’s bound to come from all this misery," said W.C. Kemp.

Just outside, another veteran kept a respectful distance. He held a sign that read, "What about Wong?"

“What that kid did was wrong,” Kemp said.

He says veterans in Yountville are talking about giving those of them with post-traumatic stress disorder more treatment options that work.

"Talk, 'cause nothing will get better without it,” Kemp said.