Surveillance Video Shows Thieves Taking Wheels from Car

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STOCKTON -- Surveillance video captured two masked men stealing the wheels off a car early Monday in Stockton.

They appear to take a picture of the rims before taking them off and leaving the cars on blocks. One of the suspects flipped off the camera as well, indicating they knew they were being watched.

It's part of a larger, troubling trend in Stockton.

At least two police reports have been filed but staff at a Dodge service center in Stockton says they have been helping several car owners who have had their rims stolen. Stockton neighborhood watch Facebook pages have been filled with pictures and videos of cars left without rims and tires.

Zibran Khan, whose rims on his Dodge Challenger were stolen around 2:30 a.m. Monday, said he tried to buy tire locks on Friday because of recently reported thefts.

"Every night, I usually work night shifts... every night I’ve been looking at the camera intermittently," Khan said. "'Oh my rims are there, my rims are there,' and I was awake all night in my room actually, but I missed it and I didn’t see it."

Dodge Challengers and Chargers have been the main targets, but Ford Mustangs and Honda Accords have been left on blocks as well.

"I worked hard all my life to get this car that I wanted. Now that I have it with my own hard work and then somebody else just comes," Khan said. "You see them opening up the rims and taking it. It just breaks your heart. It feels like they are taking a piece away from you."

Khan said many people have reached out on Facebook offering to help him find his rims, but for now, he has filed a police report and is left paying over $4,000 to get the wheels replaced.

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