Driver, Passenger Run from Car after Hitting Woman on Sacramento Sidewalk

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- UPDATE: The woman, now identified as Lin Cay Boc, passed away on Thursday, March 22, due to her injuries. A statement from the family can be found at the bottom of this story. 

A driver left the scene after hitting a woman in her 80s when she was on a sidewalk in Sacramento Monday afternoon.

Down the street from an elementary school, near a South Sacramento neighborhood filled with families, skid marks can be seen on the road, along with a broken fence and car parts.

"I don't trust people that drive around here," said Peter Voong, who lives by the scene of the hit-and-run.

Neighbors in the area say people drive recklessly on Lemon Hill Avenue.

The Sacramento Police Department reports a woman was hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk. The driver and passenger left the car and ran.

"Our detectives are investigating the possibility that the vehicle had been stolen prior to the collision," said Detective Eddie Macaulay.

Investigators say the driver lost control and speed was possibly a factor.

The elderly woman is seriously injured and is in critical condition, according to the department.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the area. In March of 2017, a man was killed in a hit-and-run just about 100 feet from Monday's accident.

"I heard a 'bang' and I heard his girlfriend was yelling, screaming. I ran out and I saw what happened," Voong recalled. "She said her boyfriend got hit by a car, I said, 'Which car?' It just took off."

Voong's house is right in between the two hit and run scenes. He said he worries every time his daughter walks to school.

"I told her every day, over and over, 'Make sure you cross the street. Be careful, look back and forth before you cross,'" he said.

The police department said officers work with the City of Sacramento to examine causes and solutions anytime there are multiple accidents in the same area. While they couldn't comment on whether any changes will be made to the stretch of Lemon Hill Avenue near Logan Street, neighbors had their own suggestions.

"Speedbump. So that way it'll probably be safer," Voong said.

Statement from Jack Tran, the grandson of the hit-and-run. 

My name is Jack Tran and I am the Elderly Woman's Grandson in this story.  The elderly woman has a name.  Her name is Mrs. Lin Cay Boc but I only know her as my Grandma. She had 6 kids and many grandchildren and great grandchildren altogether. She passed away yesterday Thursday morning, 3/22 at the UC Davis Medical Center succumbing to her injuries. I saw my Grandma at the ICU Tuesday night, 3/21 to say Goodbye and my heart was broken because I no longer recognized the Grandma I knew all my life. She was such a strong woman that she held onto her life for 3 more days.

I would like the public and the Sacramento community to know she just wasn’t an elderly woman walking down the sidewalk that had her life taking away tragically on a Monday afternoon. She was a sweet, jovial and loving friend, wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandaunt, grandmother and great grandmother with a wonderful sense of humor and positive outlook on life. She loved being around her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. At her age, she was healthy, energetic, and full of life.  Her family deeply loves her and we will miss her greatly. Myself especially when she comes to visit her family in San Jose for Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year. May she rest in peace. 

Our family is grieving now. We hope the suspects are found and justice served. Below is a picture of her with her two sons, daughter in law, grandchildren and great grand child. Thank you.


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