Army Veteran’s Vintage Red Mustang Stolen in Elk Grove

ELK GROVE -- A vintage 1991 red Mustang was stolen from an Elk Grove house where Iraq war veteran Matt Whipple is staying.

The car was a gift to him from his brother when Whipple joined the Army out of high school. It stayed with him through his 12-year Army career.

Whipple is a combat veteran who won a Purple Heart, which was indicated on his special license plate.

"You serve your country, you come back and then they come to your house and they steal your stuff. I'm fighting for freedom and people take my stuff," Whipple said.

He was planning to give his 13-year-old son the car when he got his driver's license.

Elk Grove police say the fact that a combat veteran who fought for his country could be victimized is disappointing and frustrating.

Whipple hopes his posts on Facebook and Instagram will generate some sightings of the distinctive car and calls to the Elk Grove Police Department.