Sheldon Huskies to Go Up Against Top-Ranked Team at State Championship

SACRAMENTO -- With one more still to go, the Sheldon High School Huskies have quite the foe to face Saturday night for the state championship.

"We know they've got the popularity, the big names. We know we're the underdog," said Ronald Agesbar, the Huskies forward.

"We're a team that has nobody, and we're playing against a bunch of NBA sons," said point guard Justin Nguyen.

Sierra Canyon from Los Angeles County is not just the top-ranked team in the state, several famous NBA fathers have their sons now playing for the Trailblazers, including  Scottie Pippen Jr., Kenyone Martin Jr. and Duane Washington, Derrek Fisher's nephew.

"They're bigger than us at every position, 6-4, 6-5 and 6-8," said Huskies head coach Joey Rawlings. "They can shoot the ball well, move the ball well. They're unselfish."

So, how in the world does Sheldon keep up with that group?

"I just think we're just a bunch of junkyard dogs. We just never quit," Rawlings told FOX40. "In practice, we get after it. On the floor, we get after it. And we just don't know how to lose and we're not scared of anyone."

That formula has worked so far, that and the fact the Huskies are homegrown. No one from Sheldon is even going to a Division 1 college program next season.

"To an extent, I think it's an advantage," Agesbar said. "When teams play us they're like, 'Oh, they don't have a big star or any D-1 players.' But then we come out and play hard and overwhelm them and get the 'w.'"

That is exactly what Sheldon hopes to do one more time come Saturday night.