Social Media Post Threatens Shooting at Weston Ranch High School

STOCKTON -- A Stockton high school was the latest to be on high alert after a school shooting threat circulated around social media Tuesday night.

Roslind Wryick Nunn was one of many Weston Ranch High School parents who considered keeping their children at home Wednesday after a threat circulated, calling for a shooting at the school on Friday.

"When I read it over again, it says, 'We will not stop until we see bodies.' That worried me because 'we' means more than one," Nunn said. "I also read that, 'I know the fire drill process or the lockdown process.' That also worried me. Like OK, so this person attended that school, or they worked there, or something that they were familiar with it. So I was real edgy, like, 'Oh God, I don’t want her to go.'"

Her freshman daughter did attend school Wednesday, with an increase in police patrolling the school as Stockton investigators continue to look into the credibility of the threat. Nunn believes it is time to set up metal detectors at all schools, but she says the best way to stop these threats starts at home.

"If more parents would take the time to do random checks. 'Hey, let me see what’s in your backpack' or 'Can I see your backpack? What have you been scrolling through on your phone?' It’s not an invasion of privacy, it’s parenting. I grew up with it, I’m OK, and I raised my children with it and they are OK."

Nunn hopes this threat will bring parents in the community together to talk with their kids daily and be involved in their lives, in hopes of ensuring these threats don’t become a reality.

"As a parent, you worry, not only for your kid but for all the children and the teachers there at the school," Nunn told FOX40. "All it takes is one person."

As Friday inches closer, Nunn says her anxiety remains but she says she will continue to talk with her daughter about how they want to approach the day.

"She was like, 'Mom, I’ll be OK.' She said, 'I’ll watch out.' But we'll see when Friday comes," Nunn said.

The Manteca Unified School District superintendent sent this statement, saying in part:

"The district takes threats to our schools very seriously. Weston Ranch High School administration will impose the strongest penalty within our jurisdiction on the perpetrator, including removal and seeking expulsion if the individual is identified as a student. We will press criminal charges against any individual who makes threats against our schools."