Stranger in Scrubs Walks Through Modesto Family’s Front Door While They’re Home

MODESTO -- A stranger wearing hospital scrubs is seen in surveillance footage cutting across a lawn, climbing over an entry gate and walking right inside a Modesto home.

"I didn't really process the scrub thing until I opened the speakeasy and I was like, 'What are you doing in my house?'" said April Glover.

Glover said the man told her he needed help and that someone was coming after him. That's when she wondered if the scrubs and his "disoriented" demeanor meant that he was a mental health patient, who possibly wandered away from one of the nearby hospitals.

Glover's next instinct was one of compassion. She told him to wait outside and she'd call someone.

Her husband, however, had the instinct to protect his family. He grabbed a baseball bat and then called 911.

"And they're like, 'Oh no, please don't hurt him. He's mentally ill,'" Glover recalled for FOX40. "They said, 'We're looking for him.'"

The man soon took off.

Glover posted her video online and a neighbor told her she had also kicked the same man in scrubs out of a nearby business.

Local law enforcement could not confirm where he came from or if he was eventually located.

"He was actually really sly about it, actually," Glover said.

Glover said she never even heard the door open. Even though her dogs wagged their tails in the video, she swears they barked to let her know.