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Inmate Claims Stockton Father Confessed to Shooting, Burying Missing Twin

STOCKTON -- An inmate is now claiming Aaron Weddles, the father of two missing twins, shot one of his children and buried him.

On Jan. 5, a Stockton Police Department crew dug holes in a backyard on Flint Avenue. At the time, investigators would only say they did not find they were looking for. According to court documents, FOX40 now knows they were looking for 20-month-old Ren Weddles.

FOX40 spoke to a relative related to Ren's mother, Princess Canez-Walker. She asked to keep her identity private.

"It kills me because it’s like they’re my relatives. They’re my niece and nephew, so what can I do?" she said.

Police say Canez-Walker and her boyfriend, Aaron Weddles, have been uncooperative. While they've been behind bars since January, their infant twins, Ren and Setina, are still missing.

"I really hope something… they find something, or find the babies, or someone steps up and brings them, you know?" Canez-Walker's relative said.

The relative says the twins were born in April 2016. "I hadn’t seen little Ren since a month or two after he was born," she said.

In the hopes of receiving a lighter sentence, an inmate claims that on May 13, 2016, Weddles was involved in a shootout at his home on Flint Avenue. Weddles told him Ren had died and he buried his son, according to documents.

"Aaron began to cry when talking about his child when he was killed," the man said.

Then on June 21 that same year, the family was evicted and they began living in their white Suzuki SUV. The relative says the last time she saw Setina was a few months after the eviction.

She says she asked Canez-Walker where the girl was and the mother claimed she was with Weddles' family. She then asked the same question to Canez-Walker's other daughter.

"'Oh what happened to your baby sister?'" the aunt told FOX40. "And she goes, 'Oh, she’s gone. She goes bye bye.' So in my head I’m like, 'What do you mean?'"

Fast forward to Jan. 9, when officers found the couple and their five kids living in squalor in their SUV. There was still no sign of Ren and Setina.

"I should have went to the police because that’s the same story she told me. It breaks my heart 'cause I’m like I could have done something too," the aunt said.

She said she confronted Canez-Walker in jail a day after she was arrested.  With the twins gone and the rest of the children in the custody of Child Protective Services, Canez-Walker would only tell her relative, "I don’t know you. I don’t know who you are." Then the aunt said Canez-Walker said her name.

Another reason why the relative claims she did not go to police right away was because she didn't know what to believe. According to her, Canez-Walker has mental issues and has claimed that she was God. Her mental competency hearing continues next month.