Woman Speaks Out after Police Arrest Stranger who Stabbed Her Outside Modesto Donut Shop

MODESTO -- Sandra Bond had just bought a box of donuts from a Modesto shop for her grandkids when a stranger in a sweatshirt stabbed her nine times.

"I look up and this man's just rushing toward me and just starts stabbing me. Doesn't say one word. Never said one word to me," Bond told FOX40.

On Tuesday, Modesto police arrested 24-year-old Thomas Kelley on suspicion of attempted murder. This, nearly three months after Bond was attacked at random.

Police say surveillance video of Kelley casually walking away from the business helped them track him down.

'"I had to have emergency surgery cause it pierced my liver," Bond said.

Surprisingly, Bond spent only three days in the hospital. She says it took 50 staples to close the stab wounds on her chest, stomach and legs.

"Why? I mean, you almost killed me," Bond said.

Bond says when detectives presented DNA evidence to Kelley, he gave a reason why.

"He said he envisioned me attacking his sister," Bond said. "I don't know if he's just saying that or he has mental issues."

For the grandmother of three, who survived a sickening attack, that makes little difference. The damage was already done.

"You'd think I would be relieved but, no. I mean I'm glad he's off the street but who else is out there?" she questioned.