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El Dorado Hills Cat Sanctuary Cleans Up after Flooding

EL DORADO HILLS -- Cleanup is underway at the home of 250 abandoned and feral cats that was flooded in the latest storm.

Fat Kitty City is the only certified cat sanctuary in Northern California. Its two-acre enclosed complex of hundreds of cat dwellings straddles a creek that overflowed its banks in a flash flood.

Buildings were flooded and fencing along with its concrete base were ripped apart. The fencing keeps cats in and coyotes out.

A full inventory of feline residents has yet to be made after the fence was breached. Seventy-five volunteers have joined the clean-up effort and several thousand dollars was raised in short order through a GoFundMe campaign.

It will be weeks before major work on the fence. Several water culverts must also be redesigned and installed in the creek to prevent further flooding.