Proposed Loomis Development Too Much Too Soon, Some Neighbors Say

LOOMIS -- A proposed development in Loomis has drawn protest from some neighbors.

Currently, it's 66 acres of grass and trees that sit behind the Raley's shopping center off Interstate 80 in Loomis, but that might change.

A proposal called "The Village at Loomis" would add homes, apartments, retail and offices to the area. Former Placer County Supervisor Jim Williams says the plan, which is currently in the hands of the planning commission, is a much needed boost to a growing small town.

Williams says his support comes as a resident of the community, not as a former architect with business ties to the developer, according the public relations firm that represents the proposal.

"Neither Williams, who is retired from Williams + Paddon, nor his former firm has ever had any involvement in working on 'The Village at Loomis,'" said Bill Halldin with Halldin PR. "One of the partners in the Village did use Williams’ former firm as part of an office project more than 10 years ago."

"The reason we need this is because the town has to have something that keeps its vital energy going, and for the town to get the revenues to keep up the services here everybody here wants and needs," Williams said.

Estimates anticipate a $400,000 annual addition to the town's general fund, if approved.

However, some fear the extra homes and retail to too much too fast and packed into one spot.

Resident Jackie Euer is against the proposal. Euer was one of what she says were 200 people protesting the proposal Tuesday night.

"We would rather not have people see frontage roads and block wall fences and houses packed in," Euer said.

The town would have to alter its expansion plan for housing to allow the project. Euer says, if approved, the town could see a rapid boom in residents in a very short period of time.

"The village will increase our population from 20 to 25 percent in one fell swoop," Euer told FOX40.

The town's planning commission must make its recommendation to the town prior to a decision on the proposal.