Shooting Victim Dies after Running from Gunman into Olivehurst Dollar General

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OLIVEHURST -- An Olivehurst intersection, normally busy with shoppers, was busy with sheriff's deputies after bullets flew in and around a Dollar General store on McGowan Parkway.

Steve Holeman watched with horror from his front door right across the street.

"He was limping. You could tell he'd been shot just by the way he was running," Holeman told FOX40.

Just a few doors down at a Subway, an employee named Maria witnessed a fight between Oroville resident Sayer Stephen Daniels, 24, and 30-year-old Burhan Ahmed of Sacramento. According to the Yuba County Sheriff's Office, the two men were acquaintances.

"I was making sandwiches and I just see a guy on the floor trying to cover himself and then we heard the shots," she said.

The gunman was chasing the victim and shot him at close range at the nearby Power Mart.

Investigators say the victim then ran into the Dollar General, but that didn't scare off the gunman behind him and the chase continued into the store. The victim escaped through the back doors of the store and collapsed, according to Leslie Carbah with the Yuba County Sheriff's Department.

The suspect then shot himself, according to Carbah.

Several of the women on duty inside Dollar General when all of this was happening are Maria's regular customers as well as her friends.

"Well, they started crying," Maria said. "They don't say anything... you know they were in shock like me. I just want to know they were fine and they were fine.".

Ahmed died after being rushed to a hospital in Sacramento.

Daniels later died on April 1 after he was hospitalized in critical condition at Rideout Memorial Hospital.

Investigators have not yet been able to share what kind of dispute led up to what happened on McGowan Parkway.

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