Protesters Visit DA’s Office then March in the Streets for Third Day in a Row

SACRAMENTO -- Pointed conversations were held on the streets of Sacramento Thursday in the middle of a protest.

"You may not like the way they grieve. You may not like the way they protest," said one protester.

"I'm not talking about the way you grieve. You are breaking laws by blocking traffic," said a driver outside of his car.

"No we're not," the protester responded.

That exchange happened between a blocked driver and a demonstrator as a crowd out once again looking for justice looked to keep hundreds from their normal routine. They tried to do so by protesting what they say should be most abnormal -- the police killing of unarmed black men in America. It is instead something they say has become all too common.

The crowd took to the streets for the third day in a row on behalf of Stephon Clark, who was shot to death by Sacramento officers in his grandmother's backyard 11 days ago.

Police say at the time they thought he had a gun and that they were chasing him as a suspect in several car break-ins. Clark, a 22-year-old father of two, was really only armed with a cell phone.

Two hours after Clark's funeral, the call for justice was reflected in the office window of Sacramento's District Attorney.

"The DA needs to press charges," said Black Lives Matter Sacramento founder Tanya Faison. "Howard Chan needs to fire them, those officers that killed him, so that we can start seeing repercussions. So we can start seeing justice."

As demonstrations ramped up, a man, whose own brother was buried Thursday, stepped out of his personal grief to bring flowers from that funeral to share with those mourning and marching for Clark.

"I had to come down and participate and show support for Stephon Clark," said Ralph DeLoach.

Other versions of that support for Clark got right up in the face of police as they kept protesters out of a parking garage near I and 8th streets.

Some of those stuck at blocked intersections high-fived the demonstrators and revved their engines, things very much welcomed by the crowd.

However, some protesters said FOX40's media cameras were not welcome if the news crew would not chant with them. One woman said, "You're exploiting our pain."

On Friday, attorney Benjamin Crump will hold a press conference to reveal the results of an independent autopsy performed by Dr. Bennet Omalu.