Stockton Woman Faces Her Son’s Accused Killer in Court

STOCKTON -- Lecia Harrison said she was enraged Thursday when she saw the man who might have killed her son.

A bail is set at $1 million for accused killer Rayshon Johnson. The 21-year-old was seen in court shaking his head in disappointment.

“I just really wanted to see, in person, who this demon is that did this to my child," Harrison said.

Harrison’s 20-year-old son, Brandon, was killed back in October. Investigators believe Johnson is the gunman. The mother told FOX40 she has never seen Johnson.

Shattered glass marked the site where Brandon Harrison was gunned five months ago on Leandon Drive in Stockton. His mother said that night the 20-year-old had stopped by a birthday party.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Brandon," Lecia Harrison said. "When I wake up during the day, before I go to bed.”

His death was an immense loss for the community. Brandon Harrison had dedicated his life to helping young people get on the right path.

But his work will continue. His mom has started a new non-profit called “Be Smooth Inc.”

“It’s exciting but heartbreaking at the same time," she said. "Still, it’s hard. It’s really hard.”

As for Johnson, investigators say he was already in custody for unrelated attempted murder charges when they found he could be the one who killed Brandon Harrison.

“This is how he’s been living his life," Lecia Harrison told FOX40. "So I think it’s time for him now to be held accountable for his actions.”

While it’s clear he’s upset with his million dollar bail, Lecia Harrison says she remains committed to getting justice for her son. “I know that Brandon knows that I will not let this go undone.”

Johnson is expected back in court next week. He did not enter a plea.