Teen Punched During Road Rage Incident

TURLOCK -- On Wednesday night, a male teen was punched at a four-way stop by a female passenger in another car, according to the Turlock police department.

It was two miles of terror for the teen passenger and the driver that came to a head when both the car the teen was in and the other vehicle stopped on East Tuolumne Road near Johnson in Turlock.

Investigators say the suspect’s anger started boiling a mile east of the where the cars stopped.

The teen admitted to police that the car he was in may have cut off the car the female passenger occupied.

The female used a bottle to break a window before assaulting the teen passenger and stealing his cell phone.

Sergeant Russ Holeman a Turlock Police Department spokesman says, “realize that was a road rage incident that happened but you don’t want it to turn into something worse.”

The female passenger ditched the cell phone in a dumpster about a mile away.

The sergeant says, if you’re scared another driver might try to hurt you due to road rage, do what you can to create distance. Most importantly, put your pride aside and stay safe.