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Police: Food Vendor Shot after Defending Himself with Machete

STOCKTON -- A Stockton food vendor is recovering in the hospital after he was shot in a robbery on Easter Sunday.

Known by customers and neighbors as "The Corn Guy," the man has been a fixture along Bianchi Road for years -- not bothering anyone, just trying to make an honest living.

"Selling corn, selling little chips, you feel me, to the kids when they come out of school and get his money. He don’t bother nobody," said a neighbor who identified himself as "Tune."

The attack happened in the evening along Townhome Drive, near Bianchi and West Lane.

Police say the man was attacked by three men from behind and grabbed a machete to defend himself before he was shot.

The man's attackers then went through his pockets, according to police.

FOX40 spoke to one of the victim’s friends off-camera, who has been working as a food vendor for around 20 years. He started crying, saying that he’s very upset about his friend’s shooting.

Other neighbors and friends said they are also in disbelief. “Why you hatin' on somebody getting their money? He got a family to feed just like everybody else do," Tune said.

Officers say the man is expected to survive.

Investigators said the suspects were described as two black men but could not provide any additional details as of Monday afternoon. If you have any information about this robbery please contact the police department or Crime Stoppers.