Bus Driver Leaves Senior Living Resident Behind at Target

VACAVILLE -- After waiting on prescriptions at a Target in Vacaville, a 94-year-old woman said she was left to find her way back home after her driver left her behind.

"I felt bad about it but they always holler at you. They have rules and regulations... it's like you're in school again almost," said Marg Scott.

Target employees were there to help Scott, a resident of Brookdale Vacaville.

"She was very distraught and upset at the fact that she had been left by people who are supposed to take care of her," said store supervisor Madison Hadowanetz.

Hadowanetz called Brookdale and spoke directly to the bus driver.

"'This is your duty and this is totally unprofessional. And you are supposed to be the one to take her to and from. Correct?'" And she stayed silent," Hadowanetz said.

"It's upsetting to me. But I have to live here so I don't know what to do," Scott told FOX40.

Hadowanetz eventually got the driver to come back for Scott -- an hour and a half later.

FOX40 spoke briefly to management at Brookdale, who said to reach out to corporate. They said it was never their intention to leave her and had always planned on coming back to get her.

Brookdale also said Scott is considered independent.

"Regardless if she's in independent living like she said she is this is ultimately your responsibility," Hadowanetz said.

Scott is just glad she made it back home safely but wouldn't want what happened to her to happen to anyone again.

"No, I wouldn't and I hope it don't," Scott said. "I don't want anybody to be upset with me but I think that they need to care about the people more."

"It literally brought me to tears because I put myself in that position to say, 'What if that was my grandmother?"' Hadowanetz said.