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Hundreds March Through Sacramento, Demanding Justice for Stephon Clark on ‘National Day of Action’

SACRAMENTO -- Seventeen days after the police shooting death of Stephon Clark and the marches, calls for action and protests were just as passionate Wednesday as they were on day one.

"Enough loud voices out here every day until we get change," said Sonia Lewis, one of Clark's family members. "That's what I'm confident that the system will change."

It was a symbolic day to march the streets of downtown Sacramento as it marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The protesters followed the footsteps of the civil rights icon by keeping the demonstration peaceful but demanding something be done.

"For these extremely oppressed communities history has taught us that this is the only way for my community to get any justice, to get any actions," said Sacramento resident Lindsay Williams.

The march started and ended at District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert's office. She's a big target of the group.

"Her job is to indict and convict individuals who commit crimes in this county and law enforcement officers commit crimes in this county and she needs to do her job," Lewis said.

In front of the DA's Office was an interesting addition, a barbecue set up in front. Demonstrators said it was so much more than just a chance to eat. Williams said in the black community barbecuing and enjoying food with others is a show of positivity and togetherness, something she wants others to see and be a part of.

"Black Lives Matter is very family oriented and that's why it's better to have more community members out here so they get to actually experience it themselves," Williams said.

A heavy police presence was seen downtown, blocking streets so the march could continue. There were no confrontations between protesters and officers.