Teen Raises Money to Help Pay for Injured Dog’s Surgery

LODI -- A teenager stepped up to make sure the cost of a Lodi dog's leg surgery was covered.

Fourteen-year-old Evan Olsen and his family have been volunteering with the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society in Lodi for years.

"The whole family they're just amazing supporters, wonderful volunteers," said Patricia Sherman, founder and president of Animal Friends Connection. "And they really care a lot about the animals."

The shelter needed somebody to foster Sissy, a terrier mix that was recovering from surgery for a broken leg.

The Olsens volunteered to foster Sissy and Evan took it a step further. He started raising donations to help cover the cost of the $3,716 surgery that the humane society would have otherwise had to pay for.

Evan's mom Victoria said her son always wants to do more for the animals and she is very proud of him.

Evan made a goal of raising $600. He went door-to-door in his neighborhood and reached out to friends and relatives. Animal Friends Connection also posted information about his fundraiser on the shelter's Facebook page, where FOX40 learned about it.

The effort far exceeded Evan's original goal. One anonymous donor even volunteered to match what Evan collected. By Wednesday night, the cost of Sissy's surgery was almost covered.

"I think it's amazing that they just want to help out a small organization like this to help the animals and help me out to pay for Sissy's surgery, because they need the money," Evan said. "So it's really caring."

"It's pretty special," Sherman added. "He's pretty special."

One of the ways Evan raised the money was by gaining sponsors for a bowling fundraiser Animal Friends Connection is hosting, coming up this Saturday. More information is available their site.