Weston Ranch Intersections will Get Safety Improvements after Girl’s Death

STOCKTON -- Families argue and most hope to see the crosswalk at Ishi Goto Street in Weston Ranch light up and alert drivers that someone is about to cross.

"A lot of people they speed and they don`t care. It`d be nice to see something happen," said neighbor Mark Gonzales.

According to Stockton City Councilman Jesus Andrade, something will happen within weeks.

It has been a month since 10-year-old Brianna Moua tried to cross the street on Carolyn Weston Boulevard. On her way home to her family she was hit by a car. Her death has fueled the fire for change.

"It hit my heart really hard. You know, it hit home really quick and I was just like, 'How would I like it or how would I feel if it was my own daughter?'" said neighbor Michael Carmona.

Petitions, volunteers and awareness from her loved ones caught the attention of Andrade, who has said a $1 million grant would be used to make Weston Ranch streets safer.

"Safety is a priority for me, especially keeping our children safe," Andrade told FOX40. "And so this is going to be something that I keep working on."

Now, with an accelerated timeline, Andrade says nine intersections will get a makeover. He said in about a month or two engineers will be surveying intersections.

"We've made that a priority as the first one that gets the site review and the first one that goes to construction," Andrade said.

In the meantime, neighbors hope drivers take it slowly, especially when kids are out.

"People shouldn`t be driving that fast," Gonzales said. "They speed like it`s a freeway over there on Carolyn Weston."