Caught on Camera: Man Sets Fire to Trailer in Lathrop Family’s Front Yard

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LATHROP -- The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a man was caught on camera setting a trailer on fire.

A car can be seen creeping around a Lathrop neighborhood in what appears in the video to be multiple times Tuesday night.

The car finally stops around the corner from Mark Jones' house on Mingo Way around 11:13 p.m. Someone gets out and makes their way to Jones' front yard. Within seconds a fire is lit in a trailer filled with brush.

"Why someone would do this to me and my kids... " Jones said. "There's no reason for someone to try to burn my house down at night while we're sleeping."

Jones said a knock on his door alerted him to the fire. He grabbed a hose and put out the flames himself.

"It could've burned our whole house down," Jones told FOX40. "If we waited for the fire department it would definitely be a way bigger loss."

The next morning, Jones said he noticed something else that was concerning.

"We found this canister of what seems to be a flammable liquid, a type of tiki torch or something like that, to heat while you're camping," Jones said. "I think they lit it and threw it at my truck, attempting to cause other fires."

A San Joaquin County Sheriff's spokesperson told FOX40 evidence was collected and investigators are moving forward but couldn't give any additional details.

Jones is a single dad and local business owner. He said he has no enemies and doesn't recognize the person in the video, who appears to have a large tattoo on their left calf.

But if he did, he would say: "Turn yourself in. It's obvious what you did was wrong. Stupid man parked under the camera and did it. I have two little girls sleeping in here, you're going to burn our house down? It's a coward move."

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