Concerned Mother Records Man after He Asked Her Young Daughter About Sex

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SACRAMENTO -- A man was recorded by a concerned mother after he asked her 10-year-old daughter inappropriate questions about sex on Monday at the Raley’s on Marconi Avenue.

The suspect was recorded by Essence Ball the mother of Genesis, the fourth-grader that was asked if she “has ever had sex.”

"I was just shocked at someone to be bold enough to approach a child as young as her,” said Essence Ball. So, I'm thinking, has he done this before with other kids? Numerous times? [Because] he just seemed so comfortable doing it."

Genesis’ grandmother, Jacqueline Ball, was standing right next to her and overheard the comment.

"What would have happened if we had not been there?” Jacqueline Ball asked. “Had we walked around and checked on bread or checked on milk and she had been standing there by herself, maybe there would have even been a touch."

Genesis, who loves math did not want to repeat the man’s words but was not confused about the affect they had.

“I felt a little scared,” Genesis said. “He shouldn’t be walking on the streets and it’s not just for me but for all kids."

Genesis was asked twice by the suspect and recounts that he “just came out of nowhere and said what he said.”

The only thing Genesis knows about sex is that it is something special for married people whom are in love, so she knew it was not right for a stranger to ask her about it.

After the incident, Genesis' family and another shopper within earshot confronted the Asian man, Essence Ball started recording in an effort to protect her child and other kids by getting him arrested.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department says they’re investigating what happened thanks the video that the family turned over. The incident could qualify as child annoyance.

Essence Ball posted the video to her Facebook page in hopes to warn others about this man and has received comments that the man in her video has been spotted at parks and other stores watching children.

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