Coroner Identifies 18-Year-Old Shot, Killed in Busy Stockton Parking Lot

STOCKTON -- An 18-year-old in his car was shot to death Sunday in a busy parking lot.

A cracked side view mirror, evidence markers and broken tail lights marked the spot where police say Ruben Cisneros was shot on Manthey Road in Stockton’s Weston Ranch.

The candles left behind were from a now grieving community fed up with the violence.

FOX40 spoke to a man who heard at least three gunshots Sunday afternoon. He asked FOX40 to protect his identity.

"He was a victim and I mean nobody should be shot like that," he said.

Soon after, Cisneros' car hit a Honda Accord. Security footage shared with FOX40 shows the moment the crash happened as smoke clouded storefronts.

"He put the car in reverse, I think he was trying to get away from the scene when he got shot," the witness said.

Cisneros did not get very far. Instead, the witness says he saw him slumped over the wheel.

The man says medics with the fire department tried to save the 18-year-old. “They took him out the car and he was laying next to the car, bleeding and hardly could breathe."

Cisneros was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"This was a pretty bold act," said Stockton Community Service Officer Rosie Calderon.

Investigators with the Stockton Police Department say they’re still working to figure out why someone would shoot Cisneros in a busy parking lot.

“At this point, we’re trying to investigate and figure out what happened," Calderon said. "If he was targeted and if he was why he was targeted.”

The man FOX40 spoke to and many others in the area claimed part of the problem is the loitering and the suspected illegal drug sales.

A former classmate of Cisneros said they went to Weston Ranch High School together. FOX40 tried to reach out to his family but has not heard back yet.