Grass Valley Community Hopes to Save Local Coffee Shop

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GRASS VALLEY -- What's Up? Coffee is a home away from home for many people who live in Grass Valley.

"It's kind of like sitting at grandma's house or mom's house and having a cup of coffee at the table," Deno Hudson said.

What's Up? Coffee has become more than just a place for a morning pick-me-up.

"Once I got to know Angie, it became my favorite place," Hudson explained.

Owner Angie Buist has owned the coffee shop for five years but just last week her landlords told her they will not renew her lease in June.

"I just loved it," Buist said. "It's kind of like somebody died... Because I love this place... You know?"

So she took to social media to announce What's Up? Coffee would close its doors for good but she says she didn't expect the community's response.

"All the customers that wrote the nice things... The friends... People have been coming in for days," Buist said.

One of her regular customers even started a GoFundMe to help Angie move her business to a new location.

"This campaign is not about saving the building. It's about saving the atmosphere, the love this place has. It's about not losing Angie as a business member in this community," Hudson said.

The coffee shop has turned into more than just a place to grab a morning cup of joe. The owner has turned her local business into a center for giving back to her community.

"It's been a drop-off place for people to bring clothes for homeless people. It's been a drop-off place for people to bring toys for kids without toys at Christmas," Hudson explained.

Buist also accepts donations for homeless pets and prom dresses for girls who can't afford them.

But, her biggest fundraiser is something called "gratitude bowls."

"Every $5 that goes into here, we put one meal onto this paper. And then when somebody comes in and they're hungry and they don't have any food or money we make them up whatever we have going on," Buist explained.

Her kind heart is just another reason community members are coming together to find a new home for What's Up? Coffee.

"It's never been about the money here," Hudson said. "To a person who gives so much to the community, I had to give back."

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