Kings Legend Jerry Reynolds Announces His Retirement

SACRAMENTO -- Jerry Reynolds has been doing many different jobs for the Sacramento Kings for the past 33 years.

He's been their head coach twice, an assistant coach, general manager and, for the last 20 years, their homespun, white-haired fixture on TV broadcasts alongside Grant Napear.

But that all changes after Wednesday's game.

"This is my decision and my opportunity to transition," Reynolds told FOX40. "I'm very lucky, as most people who've had real jobs don't get to pick and choose how it works out. So, I will be working with the Kings just on a more limited basis."

The 74-year-old Reynolds plans to do some TV games with Napear but also pre- and post-game work as well.

He said the Kings wanted him to continue his broadcasting role full-time, even offering him a contract. But after recently celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary Reynolds is looking forward to trips with his wife that don't involve basketball games.

Plus, his health is part of the decision as well.

"I'm about a 20-year diabetic and it really got to be a problem on the road with shots and medicines and things," Reynolds said. "All the different times you eat and what you can't eat. So, it made sense for me and I'm very comfortable with it."

"I've got mixed emotions. I'm sad but I am happy for him because this is what he wants," Napear said. "I guess the best part of tonight is it's not like he's disappearing. He's still going to be around and he's still going to be doing things."

Which, for Reynolds, really is the best part of NBA basketball.

"That's one of the reasons I want to stay involved because I really have been able to get to know just about everybody in the league, different coaches, many players and front office people. I like people," he said.