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Olivehurst Home Destroyed by Second Blaze in Months

OLIVEHURST -- A massive fire spread through an Olivehurst home that was just about to be remodeled after a much smaller blaze a few months ago also left behind some damage.

Neighbors were startled when they saw the blaze on Ardmore Avenue Wednesday.

"They were coming up out of the roof and that's when it caught the other house on fire," said neighbor Michelle Fizer.

What raged at the home scorched the home next door.

"It could have hit the house behind them, that house, the house on the other side, then jumped this way. I couldn't imagine if it was all dry out here, if the grass was all dry and everything," said neighbor Jeff Granger.

Granger's wife called him to come home from work as thick smoke prompted firefighters to have her and their dogs evacuate.

Since his neighbors haven't been living in the home since their first fire, about 5 months ago, he has a theory.

"It looks like there were some homeless people that went in there and started a fire to keep themselves warm," he said.