Stockton’s ‘Corn Guy’ on Long Road to Recovery after Shooting

STOCKTON -- Don Ramon Lopez was shot in an armed robbery on Easter Sunday while he tried to fend off his attackers with a machete.

Lopez, known as the Corn Guy or El Elotero in Stockton, says he was selling food in the afternoon when he was attacked from behind. He armed himself with a machete but was shot in the right thigh before he was able to fight back.

While down he says three robbers rummaged through his pockets and stole $500 from him. That money was set to pay for his rent.

Lopez relies on his food business to make rent every month -- but he's unable to work for at least the next four months. His doctors told him he would be bedridden for the next four months and now he has to depend on the kindness of strangers to help provide for himself and his family. Lopez's family has established a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his living expenses.

People in the neighborhood where Lopez sold his elote told FOX40 they are happy he's alive after the attack.

Investigators with the Stockton Police Department report the three robbers have not been caught yet. If you have any information please contact Stockton Police.