Bella Vista Students Work on School Safety 2 Months after Parkland Tragedy

FAIR OAKS -- It was a pretty normal Thursday at Bella Vista High School.

There has been no incident at the high school compromising student safety. But two months after 17 people were killed by a shooter at a high school in Parkland, Florida the tragedy is still on students' minds.

"It can happen to us. We're not exempt from the violence that has plagued our national community," said senior John Lozo.

It's that worry of "what if" that's kept students busy long after their own "March For Our Lives."

A group of 10 has since focused not on gun control but what could be done to control their very open campus environment and make all students more safety-minded.

"I personally feel that the number one thing we needed was what to do in an incident," said senior Taylor Baum.

To that end, some of the Bella Vista Broncos went to administrators asking for the annual lockdown drills to be more robust, with specific action plans tailored to the different ways parts of campus are configured. Just this week, the San Juan Unified School District trained teachers and had them act on that suggestion.

"We were given instructions to turn our desks toward where the shooter is going to be entering the room," Lozo said.

"I've had two different classes out of my six talk about what to do and I think that's great," Baum said. "They're repeating the same thing and they're saying, 'We can either run, hide, fight or wait and go to a new location that's safer when we have the chance.'"

Baum feels that repetition is key to having the message resonate with his peers.

Now, for the first time, an active shooter drill will happen on campus by the end of the year.

Lozo and others are very excited about the support they've received from the district, eagerly tweeting about it. But just like most teens, they want more.

Forms are posted on district sites for potential threats to be reported. But Baum does not think that they're "accessible" or prominent enough to get someone's attention. There has been no word from San Juan Unified School District about any site changes.