Folsom Barber has Been Cutting Police Chiefs’ Hair for Decades

FOLSOM -- Randy Boxell has quite the history in Folsom. He's been a barber for five decades and has cut a lot of hair -- and has formed a special bond with the Folsom Police Department.

"It's been 51 years since I started and I've loved every minute of it," Boxell said.

It's that passion, the environment and the friendships that keep Boxell going. And in all his years of cutting hair he's done something pretty unique. Since 1977, he's cut the hair of every chief in the department -- and still does even after they leave the position.

"This is Chief Hal Barker. I just cut his hair about a week and a half ago," he said.

As current Chief Cynthia Renaud packs her bags for her job as the chief of the Santa Monica Police Department, Randy knew he had to get her in the chair before she left.

"I told her she needed to come. Just one haircut," Boxell told FOX40. "She said she'd be there and we'd even take a picture."

Chief Renaud didn't actually need a haircut, but sat in the same spot as her predecessors and gave Boxell a challenge coin for his achievement.

As another chief prepares to leave, Randy is staying out. The 76-year-old has no plans to turn in his scissors just yet.

He says, chiefs aside, he's busy with his other longtime customers. They all say he's "not allowed" to retire.

The Folsom Police Department has yet to announce who will replace Chief Renaud but Boxell says he hopes to keep the tradition going and cut the new chief's hair.