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‘He was a Hardworking Kid:’ 18-Year-Old’s Parents Speak Out after Deadly Shooting

STOCKTON -- A black BMW tells the story of how an 18-year-old man fought to get away from his own murderer.

The rear bumper caved in when he reversed into a parked car. The driver’s door was nicked by one of the bullets that ultimately ended Ruben Cisneros’ life.

"One of the bullets went through his head and touched the brain," said his mother, Marisol. "The other went under his armpit and touched the heart."

It’s the ugly truth about their oldest son’s final moments in Stockton.

"It’s hard to cope with but at the end of the day it’s life and we got to live with it," said his father, Sergio Chairez.

Cisneros traveled from Stockton to the Bay Area to work long hours with his father. He started working immediately after graduating from Weston Ranch High School.

"All I asked for in this world of him was for him to graduate and he did. So my wish was granted and I appreciate that," his father told FOX40.

A candlelight vigil for the 18-year-old was held Sunday evening in the parking lot where he was shot.

Stockton Police say detectives are going through surveillance video to find the suspected shooter.

Chairez said before his son was shot, he was robbed. "They robbed him for a Gucci bag and $70."

He says the suspect held his son at gunpoint once, chased him around town and eventually caught him at the Manthey Road parking lot, where he was killed.

"They thought he was a drug dealer or a baller, which he wasn’t," his father said. "He was a hardworking kid."

They’re pleading for those who’ve told that story around town to tell it to police.

"It's hard to think about why they did it to him," Cisneros' mother said.