Skiers, Boarders Enjoy Late-Season Snowfall

SODA SPRINGS -- Fresh snow and sunny skies brought ideal conditions for skiers and snowboarders Thursday at Boreal Mountain Resort.

"This is exactly what we are looking for," snowboarder Tony Ngo said. "This is beautiful."

The Ngo family made their way up from the Bay Area to enjoy a day on the mountain. Their trip was originally planned for Wednesday, but Ngo decided to postpone it until after the snow was on the ground.

"Yesterday, we looked at the weather and it said it is not snowing until 4 or 5 o'clock in the evening, so we just postponed it," he told FOX40.

It paid off. Thursday morning, the Ngo family was up bright and early for some action.

Boreal spokesman Tucker Norred said the resort is always prepared for snow, but Wednesday's storm caught him by surprise.

"Wasn't really expecting it. We knew we were going to get something but we got 7 inches of snow last night and as you can see behind me right now, it is absolutely bluebird," Norred said.

Earlier in the season, there wasn't enough snow so Boreal had to make its own. But since March, a good amount of snow has fallen -- meaning a longer season for skiers and boarders.

"We just knew that we had to extend the season for a little bit longer, give everybody a chance to do some spring skiing," Norred said.

Norred says the mountain will be open until April 22.

With nice conditions like those on Thursday and more snow expected Sunday, the Ngo family might decide to extend their trip.

"We are going to tell them, 'If you guys want to stay and do another day tomorrow, then we stay another day,'" Ngo said.

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