Disturbing Animal Cruelty Case Investigated in Clarksburg

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CLARKSBURG -- Officials in Yolo County are investigating a troubling case of animal cruelty in the Clarksburg area.

On April 10, animal services responded to a spot along Willow Point Road near Jefferson Boulevard for reports of an injured pit bull. The white and tan dog was found emaciated with an injured reproductive area and with a large, infected cut on her abdomen.

"When our officer arrived there and looked the dog over, he saw this huge long incision on her abdomen and [the dog also] had a prolapsed uterus," said Vicky Fletcher of Yolo County Sheriff's Office Animal Services.

Veterinarians say someone had tried to spay the dog. Her infection had gotten so bad that she had to be euthanized. Investigators believe the amateur surgery happened about a week before the dog was found.

The cut was sutured with fishing line, investigators said, which made the injury worse.

"Every time [the veterinarian] tried to stitch her up the material would just tear," said Fletcher.

Neither the white and tan dog nor a black and white pit bull investigators believe she was dumped with were microchipped.

The black female pit bull was found swimming in a nearby canal and is expected to be okay. Fletcher says both were used for breeding.

Fletcher does not believe "these dogs are local" but rather they were dumped there from somewhere else.

According to county animal services, 16 dogs have been found abandoned in the last five or so months. Many of them have been found emaciated, injured and with cropped ears.

The dogs have been found along South River Road, Willow Point Road, Babel Slough Road and Highway 141 in Clarksburg. There is little traffic and few homes along some of these roads.

Anyone with information about the abandoned dogs is asked to contact Yolo County Animal Services at (530) 666-8282. Yolo County Animal Control urges anyone that may have been travelling near the Old Sugar Mill that night to call if they saw anything.

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