BLM Sacramento, Police Speak Out on Incident That Lead to Arrest of Two Protesters

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SACRAMENTO -- Most protests outside the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office have been peaceful but Thursday night was different.

Video given to FOX40 by Black Lives Matter, shows the confrontation between Sacramento Police and protesters inside the DA's office parking lot.

At one point officers are seen moving protesters back with their bikes.

Sacramento Police Sargent Vance Chandler told FOX40 that despite the online video, the officers were doing what they needed to to help a woman trapped in her car.

"I didn't see the video and I do know that there was a lady that needed help and she was trapped in her car and someone was jumping on her car so she was obviously in a very difficult situation and our officers felt it was necessary to help that female who was in need," Sgt. Chandler said.

Some say their actions were unwarranted.

"I think its excessive and that's the whole reason we are out there and they should be mindful of that," BLM Sacramento Founder Tonya Faison explained.

Faison said Sgt. Chandler's account of the event is not how it happened. She said Sacramento Police didn't show up until 30 minutes after the driver left safely from the scene.

"No one jumped on a car. They started the violence when no one was blocked. There wasn't a need for it," Faison said.

Sgt Chandler said Leslie Vontruharper and Marilyn Price were arrested on charges of failure to disperse. They were later released.

"The crowd was hostile and during that time our officers, after giving numerous disperse orders two females refused and they were arrested," Sgt Chandler said.

"They were being pushed one of them fell on their back and one of the officers wouldn't let them get up and that's when he tased her while she was lying on the ground," Faison said.

Police say that didn't happen.


Black Lives Matter have previously said they will protest three days a week in front of the DA's office until charges are filed against the officers responsible for shooting 22-year-old Stephon Clark.


"We're gonna keep on. We're gonna keep on. We are going to keep being out there. We are going to keep going to the DA's office until we get justice," Faison said.

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