Local Columnist Suggests Curfew for Black Men after Stephon Clark Shooting

RANCHO MURIETA -- An article discussing the protests following the police shooting of Stephon Clark printed in Wednesday`s edition of the Valley River Times is raising some questions.

The small-scale publication sent out to Rancho Murieta residents has caused many to refer to Marcia Courson, the author, as glaringly racist.

She has been writing for the publication for about a decade.

In the article, she writes, "we must not immediately assume a policeman has no reason to confront a suspect," "In Stephon's situation, the cell phone looked like a small black gun," "Police have to be careful not to overreact, and you black men might be better off at home after a certain hour."

So, how exactly, did this get published?

The general manager David Herburger says he was supposed to proof-read it in the absence of their editor but he failed to do so, because he got busy.

"First of all, I want to say we do not endorse the notion of a minority-based curfew, [that] would be the best way to distill that sentence that's in there. I felt sick I felt like I blew it I should have captured it," Herburger said. "It reminds me of Nazi Germany. That everybody has to be indoors by a certain period of time."

Herburger apologized for the article making it to print and said Courson has always had strong opinions, but never anything like this.

Courson is writing a response to be printed in the next edition of the River Valley Times. Herburger said a difficult discussion will follow.