Placer County Board Members Hear Pleas to Make the County Non-Sanctuary

PLACER COUNTY  -- "Illegal invaders have got to be stopped from coming into our state," said Colfax resident Greg Walsh.

Walsh told the Placer Board of Supervisors last month that immigrants have a legal path to reside here.

He and others have demanded that the Board declare Placer County to be a non-sanctuary County, joining three other counties that have done so. They have an ally in Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler.

"We as local elected officials have an obligation to defend our duty, our sworn duty to that constitution," Uhler said.

The non-sanctuary drive was instigated by State of Jefferson backers who, like Uhler, believe that urban politicians like Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Xavier Becerra don't represent Placer County residents.

"We in the Suburban, rural areas for too long now have had our thoughts, our opinions ignored," Uhler said.

The effort comes with the backdrop of the arrest of an Auburn father who had been waiting to get his legal status for 13 years. He was caught up in the arrest of two illegals who were with him.

Loomis resident Donna Williams has spent years as a volunteer for state and local parks, not politics. But she went to the Board earlier this week to ask for a non-sanctuary resolution -- as a Kaiser nurse she celebrated colleagues who got their citizenship from all countries.

"Overtime they would get their citizenship that they worked for we'd have a party in the unity and say welcome aboard," Williams explained.

But, Williams also believes in supporting the rule of law which she says has made America what it is.

"When you make a decision to join a country, it doesn't seem to be realistic that you should be breaking the laws," Williams said. Just because it's hard like so many people have done to come here, that`s not a good enough reason."

Board Chair Jim Holmes said in a statement, "The Placer County Board of Supervisors does not have the authority to declare that certain state laws do not apply in the county. The board has not adopted a policy or position on immigration or state immigration legislation, and has expressed no intention to do so at this time."