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‘Walk to Remember’ Held in Honor of Fallen Veteran

ELK GROVE -- A 'Walk to Remember' was held in Elk Grove Saturday morning that honored fallen veterans.

Many gathered at Elk Grove Regional Park to remember their loved ones that were killed in combat.

Nine years ago, Sgt. First Class Bryan Hall and four of his comrades were killed in action in Iraq. Hall's sister, Kristi Donelli, put together a 5K walk in his honor and for all dealing with the loss of a loved one due to war.

"Starting this walk allowed me to mourn [the loss of my brother] but also to give back and make sure people understand that it’s our soldiers that give us freedom and to honor them the best we can,” said Donelli.

Hall’s family says the event grows every year and the continual support from the Elk Grove community has stood out to them.

“You know that old saying how it takes a village to raise a child? Well when that child dies, the village mourns that child. That’s what we have experienced,” said Betty Hall, Bryan Hall’s mother.

Donelli says, as much as the event is for her brother’s memory, it is also a chance for people to reflect on the price of freedom in their own lives.

“I think young kids can come out here and see veterans who have done something impactful for our community and it’s great for families who have lost loved ones to honor their children,” said Donelli. “I feel like everyone is walking for a different purpose. I walk for my brother and his men; some people may be walking for their child who is serving and someone may be walking for a lost loved one,” she said.

Whatever the reason to walk, gratitude to those that fought for the flag and the people it represents was the general feeling among attendees.