Hearing Aid Dog Named ‘Hook’ Dubbed ‘Hero’ at ASL Event in Rocklin

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ROCKLIN – Saturday was a day of celebration at William Jessup University as the American Sign Language (ASL) club hosted ‘ASL Day for All.’

According to William Jessup University’s website, the entire event was deaf accessible and the point of the event was to bring together the Deaf and Hearing communities for a “fun day to support the use of ASL for all ages.”

The event included sign language workshops, activities and raffles to raise money for deaf children’s camps.

Though ‘ASL Day for All’ was meant for students and others came together to celebrated the deaf community, the star of the event was a dog named “Hook.”

Hook was in attendance at the event to raise awareness about the importance of hearing guide dogs.

The dog was hailed as a local hero after saving its owner, Joyce Herman, from being hit by a train in 2016; Hook was also named a hero by the American Humane Society in the same year.