Stock Video has Some Wondering if Alligator in Elk Grove is Real

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ELK GROVE -- As hundreds showed up looking for an alligator in Camden Lake in Elk Grove some people questioned if the sightings are a hoax.

Karen Keeslar said she took the photograph on Thursday morning but a video found on Shutterstock looks very similar. The title of the footage is "summer day lake alligator head view 4K florida usa."

FOX40 showed the video to people who came out to watch for the alligator Sunday night.

"Now that you show me on your telephone that it might be from Florida, I’m skeptical now," said neighbor Larry Tillman.

But FOX40 also showed the video to Keeslar. "I didn’t take a video," she said.

She admits the two look similar but she is sticking to her story that she took the photograph in California of a completely different alligator.

"Like why would anybody make up a joke like that? It’s crazy," she said.

While Keeslar may have taken the only photograph, others in the neighborhood claim to have also seen the alligator.

"Folks started looking and they saw the same thing," Keeslar said.

According to neighbors, hoards of people have been coming every night since Keeslar posted her photograph -- crowds Keesler doesn’t necessarily want in her neighborhood.

"People have actually come and brought chairs and sat to look at it, which I think is a little dangerous," she said. "It’s my understanding that alligators can move pretty fast."

Some people told FOX40 they believe that an alligator is out there and they’re going to keep coming back until they see it.

Trappers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife were sent out to the lake but said early Monday that they have found no credible evidence of an alligator in Camden Lake.

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